ARMINIUS UNI-Line profile sanding tooling system
Universal sanding tool with combination facility for all profile sanding requirements.


and – with the relevant equipment – for industrial operation on CNC throughfeed machines and automatic moulders to a high standard of precision and outstanding footage.











Your benefits:

  • Sand every conceivable profile with just one tool
  • Faster, simpler exchange of profiles
  • Minimal resetting times
  • Cost savings through combinable standard range
  • Variable in diameter and height
  • For CNC machines and automatic moulders in throughfeed or cyclical operation
  • For high piece numbers and throughfeed lengths
  • For minimal batch sizes and only occasional use
  • For use as a bore or shank tool
  • Abrasive in 3 price categories to address wideranging requirements
  • Schleifmittel in 3 Preis – klassen für verschiedenste Anforderungen
  • Guaranteed constant contour fidelity – no readjustment following abrasive changeover
  • Flexible application on wide-ranging different machines
  • The perfect solution in terms of price and quality to every requirement



High-grade abrasive on a cloth backing, pre-fabricated and firmly bonded to a dimensionally elastic and ultra-precision profiled plastic carrier guarantee uniform removal of roughness and shaper marks on the wood surface, resulting in an evenly proportioned finish over spring and autumn wood, i.e. soft and hard annual rings.


Each individual sanding segment around periphery of the sanding tool makes continual contact with surface of the wood at an optimum clearance angle, so gliding gently without

vibrations into the sanding process. The successful outcome: a surface finish devoid of chatter marks and shadows. A long abrasive service life is just one of the outstanding properties of the UNI – Line. Provided the set chip removal rates are suitable for the size of abrasive grain used, and the tolerance between the shaped contour and the profile measurements of the sanding tool lie with +/-0.05 mm, each abrasive backing with a diameter range of 120 mm and higher is capable of achieving a life of between 5.000 and over 8.000 running metres.ARMINIUS UNI-LineThe coordination of sanding tool profile and prescribed shaping profile is not determined solely by a profiled wood sample, but primarily unambiguously contractually agreed on the basis of a graphic file generated using CAD technology (.dwg or .dxf format).



To guarantee and monitor profile agreement, every supplied tool comes with a template. This enables profile deviations of 0.1 mm and over to be simply discovered. For each ARMINIUS® UNI – Line sanding tool and all of its components such as sanding segments and base profile elements, a profile guarantee of +/- 0.05 mm is applicable. Standard procedure in approaching any delivery is a careful preparation of the profile documentation. For ARMINIUS® and its sales partners, close communication with the shaping tool manufacturers is paramount. Without it, professional order completion, troublefree commissioning and servicing subsequent to delivery would be impossible to imagine. The ARMINIUS® sales consultants provide important information and a binding assessment in the design of the shaping tools, in particular as regards coordination of the CAD documentation. Electronic data carriers and data transmission are indispensable tools here.


In cooperation with the shaping tool manufacturer, this allows us to take care of coordinating all the important details for the customer and user. If profile sanding forms an important final stage in the processing sequence of an automatic machine such as an end tenoner or processing centre, the possibility of using ARMINIUS® UNI – Line: yes or no is well worth considering, as it offers ideal underlying conditions for a compact and economical solution: Compared to belt sanding it offers unbeatable space savings as well as involving less input in mechanical engineering terms. It is a rotating tool system. At a comparable level of expense, ARMINIUS® UNI – Line offers substantially better sanding qualities, as the minimal space requirement means that a normal sanding process sequence can be realistically produced with two or three grain size graduations. Because of the minimal time required for profile or abrasive changeover (around 1 minute per tool) and the considerably longer service life of the abrasive compared to belt sanding, this degree of quality convenience is now no longer a Utopian dream, but an achievable reality. Throughfeed edge banding machines, primarily end tenoners for solid wood, laminated or substrate panel processing, permit the compact combination of profile shaping and sanding to be used without the profile sanding process prolonging the processing time in the least. By configuring the ideal combination of profile shaping/trimming on the end tenoner, it is possible to produce surfaces capable of lacquering or staining without the need for any manual finish processing work whatsoever. The very latest machine generation permits programmed profile changeover in just seconds from a selection of at least 5 and up to over 20 different profiles simultaneously on for example 2 shaping and 3 sanding spindles. The ARMINIUS® UNI – Line permits sanding segments or where necessary also basic profile elements to be exchanged without taking the tool off the multi-sanding spindle or the multi-changeover shaft (as an Option ).


Our system consulting service is available right from the earliest design stage for this type of machine solution. After all, it is only by correct coordination of the most suitable tools for profile shaping and sanding at this early stage that the success of a high-performance machine concept is determined.


Consequently, our experts will assist at test runs for new machines right from the stage of acceptance in the manufacturing plant. We are also available with our fund of expertise during commissioning and training of machine operators. This degree of intensive support during the preparatory stages creates the mutual trust and personal contact that every customer envisages when it comes to implementing a high-performance concept.