Sand multiple, similar profiles with one tool
The Cylinder type tool and Angle Brushes can be used together or be used individually, depending on the profile or profile family. The hub around the boring Arminius keeps compact in height and diameter to target a variety of application.
Available in diameters 100 mm to 250 mm (4” to 10”) and heigths of 50 mm to 200 mm( 2” to 8”)
The abrasive is changed separately, enabling a multiple use of the backing brushes









Angle – Rotorbrush
Available in angles from 0°- 75° (Left picture 10°) and OD 100-250 mm (4”-10”).
High secure for RPM up to 1500 rpm
Available brush depth dimension are: 20mm, 40mm and 50 mm groups. (3/4“, 1½“,2“)
These dimensions are for abrasives as well as backing brushes


Change of abrasive


Only the abrasive cover is changed after wearing down, the backing brushes remain in use continuously