ARMINIUS BASIC-Line profile sanding tooling system
Professional profile sanding systems available at a price to suit the cabinet shop budget.


In a variable design for use as a cost-efficient tool for table top-, CNC- , throughfeed machines and automatic moulders in cabinet shops and – with relevant equipment – for industrial operations.












Your benefits:

  • An all in one base disk can be used for the edges, panels and custom mouldings to suit your needs
  • A 3-step modular system allows new -comers to enter into this technology at an attractive price point
  • Thanks to the use of durable plastic components manufactured cost-effectively on an industrial scale
  • Almost all of the current standard and custom profiled abrasives can be used on the basic design
  • A viable option for low volume pro duction, perfect for kitchen at a time application
  • Economical profile shaping and sanding of batch sizes as low as one
  • Internationally available with on line ordering, with commitment to your tooling supplier for a package deal
  • Basic-Line kicks at an open door